Saturday, October 3, 2009

Missing Pieces – A Theatre Piece

Missing Pieces – A Theatre Piece; on the Challenges of Conforming to Society’s Norms and Upholding Traditional Family Values.

DamShel Productions launches Missing Pieces, a new theatre piece, for 12 performances only from 28th October 2009 at the Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW.

Shelley Wall was inspired to write and direct Missing Pieces to explore gay and lesbian themes within the Australian theatre arena.

Missing Pieces is a contemporary drama about two married couples, exposing the frailties of their relationships and the secrets they share and hide from each other. The play explores sexual identity, society conformity, family responsibility vs. personal freedom, infidelity and addresses the emotionally provocative issues of domestic violence and abuse in this country. This theatrical production is confronting in parts and not necessarily for the faint hearted.

Missing Pieces features Naomi Parszos as Jackie a complex woman guarding a secret and despite her efforts to fight this darkness and protect the one she loves, it controls her life; Anna Grace Guy as Carla who struggles with the reality and responsibilities of marriage and family versus her own happiness; Daniel Hunter as Brett a grounded family man yet despite his outward wholesome goodness there is a darker side to him that he keeps hidden away from the people he loves; and Danny Rey-Conde as Jed who at first glance appears as a loveable, charismatic character, however, he is driven by primal instincts to control those around him.

Shelley Wall was moved to write Missing Pieces and capture the struggles of her two friends who have successfully juggled their marriages and their affair for years without their husbands knowing. During discussions with them one day she asked: what would happen if one of your husbands did find out? From that single question the play was born.

Shelley Wall and Damian Kershaw formed DamShel Productions to produce their own and new Australian plays that are edgy and prepared to push the boundaries of contemporary theatre productions.

Missing Pieces will be performed at the Tap Gallery, 278 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst. The season runs from 28/10/09 to 8/11/09. Wednesday to Saturday 7:30pm. Saturday / Sunday matinee 3pm. Tickets $30 Full / $25 Concession through MCA Tix. Bookings 1300 308 776 or

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