Tuesday, May 11, 2010

REAL: Tell us what you are thinking for the community forum

Hi REAL community

If you are aware of the Community Forum meeting at ACON on the 22nd of May it would be great for REAL and our community to know what you are thinking.

You know REAL /WLDI/WDI has served a great purpose for around 15 years in and for this community. Many women have 'come out' to this group and made friends to lessen being ostracized by those who haven't accepted their sexuality, or just wanted to chill out with other women, or who have just been out there curious! There are many more reasons why this network (REAL) has been a great avenue for many. It's now that REAL would like your support.

Tell us why you want it or why you don't.

Tell us your experience with us and whether you would change it and why you wouldn't. Tell us anything you want. If you want to be anonymous send in an envelope to ACON attention REAL your thoughts, experiences good or bad......

It's been a long run and one that I've enjoyed being a huge part of. REAL wants some new excitement, some new social events, some new people to help organise and keep this wonderful network going. We want transformation and we need you to help do this.

Sending much happiness and productive energy to you all

Tania Morsman

REAL- Respect and Equality Amongst Lesbians.
A social network for lesbians in and around the Illawarra and Wollongong region
Mobile: 0431 88 7770 - email: real.illawarra@gmail.com - Web: http://realillawarra.blogspot.com/
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