Tuesday, August 31, 2010

REAL: FW: Heidi Hoops is an official selection for The Sydney Fringe! Sat 10th - 16th September


Hi Guys and Dolls,

Want to see a visually sumptuous, sugar coated circus/theatre show packed to the brim with hula hoops, comedy, burlesque, dance, magic, shadow puppets and a two headed, hula hooping, Barbarella styled beauty!? Great, read on, because Heidi Hoops will be presenting LOST AND FOUND THE SUGAR CANDY SHOW at the Sydney Fringe from the 10th to the 16th Sept - There are only 5 shows so don't miss out on this epic tale about a hula hooper who looses her head!

You can also look out for the interview in the wrap around in the SMH on sat 4th September for more info.

Our crew this year is an all girl team from the Gong, Ann Burbrook, Amber Silk, Emma Lockheart Wison and Rachel Dallywater and Heidi Hillier. We've been working hard in the studio reworking our show with a great soundtrack, new shadow scenes, new costumes and bigger and better hula hoop tricks to entertain you.

And we need your help ... Please help us to get the word out on the street by telling all your best Sydney friends that Sugar Candy's the show that can't be missed!

Follow these 3 easy steps to help us get gorgeous bums on our seats:

1. Tell your friends - go to our facebook page and share the event with your friends (easy)


2. Organise a night out in Sydney with your friends or loved one - you can book your tickets now (fun)

3. Forward this email to your friends in Sydney with a recommendation, and or print out the attached poster and and put it on the notice board at work or the local cafe. (easier than you think)

Thank you so much for your time and generous assistance - every little bit helps and we hope to see you there!

Warmest Regards, 

Heidi and the team!

LOST AND FOUND – THE SUGAR CANDY SHOW  - Discover the glitter in the darkness.

Join the sassy sleuth as she uncovers the gruesome origins of bizarre superstar Sugar candy.

Along the way you'll meet a tragic beauty, witness a saucy vaudeville vanishing act, and experience the most original intergalactic hula hoop show this side of the Milky Way.

Don't be in two minds about it. Sugarcandy will prove that 2 heads really are better than one when it comes to spinning hula hoops and telling tall tales.

The Show Details:

Lost and Found - The Sugar Candy Show

Cleveland Street Theatre,

199 Cleveland Street, Sydney Central

Dates: Fri 10th (8pm), Sat 11th (9.30pm), Sun 12 (8pm), Wed 15th 9.30pm, Thurs 16th (9.30pm)

Tickets $24 or $20 concession

Bookings http://thesydneyfringe.com.au/shows/lost-and-found-sugar-candy-show


Heidi Hillier
04138 59037

Book tickets for Lost and Found - The Sugar Candy Show, Sydney Fringe Sat 10th - 16th September

Check Out my Sydney Fringe Festival Show Facebook page Sat 10th - 16th September

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