Friday, January 14, 2011

Fwd: new facilitators for real/ DRAFT IS EVERYONE OK WITH THIS?

Hello and welcome into another wonderful year for REAL :)

REAL has been lovingly nurtured by myself (Tania) and Wendy for the past few years however our energy has become somewhat lax in regenerating new activities for REAL.

This year has manifested 2 new facilitators to coordinate REAL. Lets welcome Janine and Fay as our wonderful continuing facilitators for REAL.

Along with our dynamic new facilitators comes a new energy that  will bring transformation to REAL. Janine and Fay have already decided to meet up to discuss where REAL will go in terms of where it wasn't previously and where it can and will go.

I'm sure Fay and Janine will be dearly supported in the growth of REAL by you all. Wendy and I are very grateful for their enthusiasm toward maintaining and growing REAL as a Network as I'm sure you all are.

REAL has provided in the past and will continue to do so in the future an avenue for many lesbians to connect and be supported in their sexuality. REAL is an inspiration in our community and has proudly supported the Illawarra with a place for lesbians to connect.

Our 2010 Christmas dinner heralded a great turnout. Some may have had their orders stuffed up and one forgotten and for some may have been too loud with all our voices.The restauraunt manager apologised profusely with grace. All in all through these minor mishaps, most agreed that what made the evening grateful was the support gathered to connect with our community.

Wendy and I dearly grateful for all the challenges of REAL since it has given us something to think about in terms of community and also creating activities and communications more successfully. Wendy and I will pass this important information on to our new facilitators with grace.

So get ready for new awakenings in and amongst the realm of REAL.

Come along and welcome our new facilitators Fay and Janine @ REAL TALK on Thursday the 27th of January 6pm. There will be nibblies and non alcoholic beverages to celebrate. Bring along your ideas for an exciting new energised REAL.

Gratitude and thanks for all the heart felt support over the years.

With celebrations to embrace the year now and ahead

Tania & Wendy :) :) :) :) :)

REAL- Respect and Equality Amongst Lesbians.
A social network for lesbians in and around the Illawarra and Wollongong region
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